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Piera Systems and MACSO Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Air Quality Mon

Scottsdale, AZ – Mar 16, 2023. Piera Systems Inc. (“Piera”) and MACSO Technologies (“MACSO”) are excited to announce their strategic partnership to combine Piera’s state of the art hardware and accurate air quality data with MACSO’s AI/ML software platform to greatly accelerate the development and deployment of new pollutant models. While existing air quality monitors are able to notify their users that the air quality is bad, this product will be able to point out the source of the air pollution e.g. someone smoking in the bathroom or a wild fire coming from a few miles away. This powerful capability to classify sources of pollution enables customers to mitigate air pollution fast and effectively.

By applying MACSO’s proven AI/ML software platform to the highly accurate air quality data generated by Piera’s Intelligent Particle Sensors (“IPS”) and Canāree Air Quality Monitors, customers are able to produce pollutant models, and iterate for further accuracy, at a much faster pace than before. Piera’s vape/smoke algorithm, originally developed heuristically, was deployed 8x faster using MACSO’s software and accuracy was improved by 15%. The flexibility and repeatability of MACSO’s software platform enables further refinement of this accuracy as more of Piera’s devices get deployed in the field. Ability to remotely update the pollutant models keeps deployment costs to a minimum while continuously improving the overall accuracy.

Along with vape/smoke detection, which is critical for schools, hospitals, and hotels to ensure healthy environments, Piera and MACSO are applying this highly effective marriage of accurate data with proven AI/ML software to various applications and industries including classification of construction dust in industrial environments and wildfire smoke which are increasing in frequency around the world. Understanding the nature and sources of pollution allows the deployment of targeted mitigation techniques and adapting them in real-time, which can result in substantial energy savings.

“Ability to classify the sources of air pollution is a huge milestone vastly improving the effectiveness of mitigation techniques resulting in healthier air faster and tremendous energy savings,” said Vin Ratford, CEO of Piera Systems. “We couldn’t be more excited for this collaboration with MACSO as it helps us classify new pollutants and unlocks new applications faster than ever before.”

“Building on the success of our AI/ML platform deployments to improve animal health, we were able to quickly extend our platform to analyze air quality data and accurately classify pollutants,“ said Saba Samiei, Founder and CEO of MACSO Technologies. “Accurate data is essential to successfully applying AI/ML techniques and we are proud to partner with Piera to enable better air and improve human health.”

Indoor air quality has direct and substantial impacts on human health, from loss of productivity to causing serious diseases including lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular diseases. The smallest particles, less than 1 micron in size, are the most dangerous as they are readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Piera’s Canāree Air Quality Monitors and IPS technology are independently certified to accurately detect these sub-micron particles which powers MACSO’s AI/ML software to accurately classify the sources of pollution.

About Piera Systems, Inc.

Piera Systems Inc. is on a mission to make air quality measurement accurate, simple, inexpensive, and pervasive, enabling a major improvement in the health of all humans. Piera has developed a family of ‘Intelligent Particle Sensors’ and Canāree Air Quality Monitors utilizing a breakthrough custom processor to detect particulate matter (PM), a major component of air pollution. Unlike existing low-cost PM sensors and the AQMs that rely on them, IPS and Canāree have superior accuracy over a wider range, including harmful ‘very fine particles’, smaller than 1.0 micron, and reports particle size and count in real-time at low power. IPS and Canāree data is analyzed using AI/ML algorithms to identify and classify pollution sources such as vape, cigarette smoke, cooking, etc. IPS sensors and Canāree air quality monitors answer the question, ‘What’s In Your Air?’

Headquartered in Canada, more information on Piera Systems air quality solutions can be found at

Contact Information

Raj Seelam

Vice President of Marketing & Customer Success

About MACSO Technologies

MACSO has created a highly scalable artificial intelligence platform that works with sensors to remotely monitor customers’ operating environments. The platform consists of a proprietary data collection and processing tool that enables MACSO to create a database of reference events tailored for each specific use case. Our library of advanced and proprietary AI algorithms separate relevant signals from live data streams and turn those signals into actionable insights. MACSO’s algorithms are deployable in the cloud and on the edge, enabling hardware companies to scale quickly and enabling a safer world by creating portable intelligence.

Headquartered in New Zealand, more information on MACSO Technologies can be found at

Contact Information

Saba Samiei

Founder & CEO


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