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Audio Data Processing

We're passionate about pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and machine learning to unlock the full potential of your data. Our specialized platform empowers businesses to harness the power of sound data, offering unique insights and transformative possibilities.

Why sound matters

Sound is a fundamental component of our world. It carries valuable information, emotions, and context that often goes untapped. Our AI audio solution is designed to help you extract the hidden value in sound data, unleashing new opportunities for your business.

What does our AI audio solution do?

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the operational environment for your solution demands the collaboration of field experts and AI engineers, a connection that can be challenging to establish. MACSO's solution suite simplifies this process by facilitating precise data collection from the environment, encompassing the specific audio event and its surrounding noise. Our AI engine subsequently refines this data into a highly accurate model, tailored to your hardware and deployment preferences. This ensures that you and your customers have a discerning ear at your disposal wherever it's required.

Music Industry

Enhance your solution by leveraging MACSO's audio AI and isolate specific audio events in the complex environment of a music venue.

Health & Animal Care

Identify and monitor patient well-being through audio analysis, enabling early intervention when needed.

Noise Filtration

Filter out unwanted noise using our patented AI-enabled noise filteration in a variety of noisy environments.

And more!

MACSO Audio AI is a scalable solution for variety of event detection in complex environments. Get in touch and lets talk about how we can help. 

A proven use case with Animal Health

At Macso, we don't just offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We work closely with our clients to tailor our platform to your specific needs.

Learn more about the in-market solution we have developed with our partners.


Herd Health

Imagine having trained stockpersons on your farm 24/7

that can identify sick animals early. With MACSO's sound sensory solution you can proactively monitor herd health and prevent financial loss.

Strategic Sound Partnerships

Imagine a world where your devices and systems listen, understand, and react intelligently to their acoustic surroundings. At Macso, we're making this a reality. Together with our strategic partners in sensor technology, we bring you the tools to unlock the true potential of sound data.

Explore audio applied-AI solutions.

Ready to explore the untapped potential of sound data? Contact us to discuss how Macso AI/ML can help you harness the power of Sound. Join the future of AI and ML with MACSO today.

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