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Intelligence & Data

Unlock the uncharted potential hidden within your data. Our specialized platform empowers businesses to savor the richness of taste data, providing unparalleled insights and revolutionary opportunities.

How We Help Our Customers

Proprietary data collection and engineering tool

  • Enables high-quality data collection (audio, visual, aerosol, etc.)

  • Scalable to multiple sensors

  • Enable non-technical field staff to collect relevant data 

  • Reduce time to market by significantly reducing data engineering time.


AI Algorithms

  • Library of proprietary algorithms 

  • Scalable and use case-agnostic algorithms

  • Roadmap to create individual sensor algorithms as well as the overarching algorithm to fuse all sensors together


Deployment strategy
Cloud and Edge

  • Get guidance on the best deployment strategy.

  • Real-time or near real-time responses

  • Proprietary OTA solution for EdgeAI

  • Create portable intelligence


MACSO's Engagement Process.

Bringing intelligence to sensors is the process of combining and analyzing data from various sensors to create a comprehensive and enriched understanding of the environment. By seamlessly integrating different data types with other sources, our platform opens doors to a wide range of applications:

Step 1

Book a call with the MACSO team to discuss your available hardware type, your use case, and target customers. 

MACSO team will analyse your hardware capability and data set and produce a capability report, recommend a data collection and/or engineering strategy and suggest  deployment architecture.

Step 2

Step 3

If you have sandbox data, the MACSO team will create a quick Proof of Concept to ensure we are on the right track to realize your vision.

We will enter a formal partnership with outlined success criteria, time to market and mutually agreed commercial model.

Step 4

Step 5

MACSO will work with your team to continuously gather feedback and show progress to ensure we are all going in the right direction. 

Once the models are ready, MACSO will help you on your deployment journey and joint marketing of the solution if desired. 

Step 6

Partner with MACSO.

Let's create world-changing applied-AI solutions together. 

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