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Air Quality

Use MACSO AI to enable your solution to detect impurities, identify pollutant sources, and differentiate airborne contaminants.


Take control of air quality

MACSO’s revolutionary AI/ML platform reports air quality and reveals pollution sources so your customers can take effective action to mitigate contaminants and maintain a healthy environment.

Imagine knowing the exact pollution source compromising the air quality

Accurate Detection

High quality sensors are paired with the flexibility and repeatability of MACSO’s platform to significantly enhance the accuracy of detection and classification.

Real-Time Data

Air quality data is fed into a customised pollutant model developed specifically for your environment, using advanced AI/ML to classify air pollutants in real-time.

Cost Savings

Knowing exactly which contaminants are in your environment means quicker decision making, more effective mitigation strategies, and substantial cost savings.

A proven use case with Piera Systems

  • MACSO’s software improved the accuracy and speed of Piera’s devices' ability to detect vape aerosols in vulnerable environments like schools, hospitals, and hotels.

  • The algorithm was deployed 8x faster with MACSO’s platform. The accuracy of the model to detect aerosols was improved by 15%.

  • Remote refinements mean continuous improvements at a low cost as more Piera devices are deployed out in the field.



Poor air quality can lead to lower productivity and serious health problems like lung cancer, Alzheimer’s, or cardiovascular disease. The smallest particles, less than one micron in size, are the most dangerous and can easily be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Informing customers about poor air quality is valuable, but without identifying pollution sources, air purification costs can be high. MACSO partners with air quality solution providers to gather data, develop models, and offer intelligent solutions. This helps you stay competitive and empowers customers to pinpoint and address pollutants cost-effectively.

Elevate your air quality solution using AI.

Take the guesswork out of your data collection and model generation efforts. Partner with us and enhance your air quality solution by harnessing the power of AI.

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