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Chaoyang Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company providing state of the art, disruptive chipset solutions in Power Management and Smart Audio across a wide spectrum of applications from Mobile devices, IoT, Personal Computers, and Cloud Servers.

Chaoyang’s patented technology offers ultra-fast switching regulators with the smallest form factor in the world, providing high performance and ultra-low power through best-in-class efficiency. Chaoyang’s proprietary low power and small size Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation combined with its innovative Analog Front-End (AFE) offers solutions for intelligent IoT, smart Audio, and other applications with best-in-class SNR and AOP.

Chaoyang’s approach to smart sensing is inspired by the design and development of a multifunctional on-sensor AI core (MOSAIC) technology that can be built upon various sensing mechanisms applicable to a myriad of verticals ranging from smartphones and wearables, to the countless sensors used IoT and IoT applications. Our key focus is on the creation of very small size and low energy reconfigurable Neural Network (NN) platforms that can provide accurate decisions by customization to the application in hand while using an order of magnitude less power and chip area.

Want to know how our edge-based AI can help your business? Contact us for a free consultation. 

Chipset size: 3mm*4mm

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