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Imagine having a trained stockperson everywhere on your farm 24/7 who can identify sick animals early

MACSO’s advanced artificial intelligence platform enables our customers to have trained eyes, ears and other sensors wherever and whenever they need them.

We provide easy-to-install, highly accurate solutions to animal farmers to monitor the health of their animals 24/7.



Save treatment costs and

prevent financial loss

  • Early detection of respiratory illness

  • Identification of
    infected animals

  • Advance artificial intelligence to minimize false

Protect your animals with an accessible solution:

  • Intuitive dashboards

       and alert system

  • Accessible from

       any device

  • Continuous monitoring and updates

Competitive set-up costs Cost:

  • Cost effective solution

  • Non-invasive, easy to implement structure

A proven use case with pigs

MACSO has proven to detect distinct pig sounds with high accuracy.

  • 43.46 million pigs died in 2018

  • 1.40-2.07% ($186-286 billion) estimated loss of China’s GDP going forward if effective measures are not in place

  • Neighbouring countries affected

  • ASF has been found in Europe, East Asia, China and the United States

  • PRRS outbreak costs the US alone, $50 billion in direct and indirect losses. 


Pigs respiratory and distress monitoring.

End-to-end solution in a box with intuitive dashboards


End-to-end solution in a box with intuitive


  • Each audio sensor is trained to detect respiratory illness early

  • Sensors are connected to the MACSO cloud that communicates to our dashboards

  • If any disease is detected, our solution immediately alerts farmers so action can be taken via an intuitive, easy to access dashboard

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