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This is MACSO.

Pioneering Sensory AI integration for hardware companies, offering comprehensive solutions from data collection and engineering to model development and deployment.

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Design thinking the future.

Leading the transformation of industries through AI solutions and strategic partnerships. With Macso you can add competitive advantage to your hardware by seamlessly integrating machine learning and making data-driven innovation accessible to all.

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Explore our proven solutions in Precision Livestock Farming.

Air Quality

Learn about our air quality monitoring models.

Data Collection

See how our Data Collection suite can help you.

Model training 

With rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and a wide breadth of available hardware, there is a large range of algorithms to leverage. However, it can often be difficult to decide where to start, how to collect quality field data and what the best deployment strategy is, to solve the problem at hand.

Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning and data collection techniques, we take the guesswork out of model training. From cloud-based applications to hardware-specific neural networks, we train models for a variety of applications. 

Customised data collection

Each day more than 3 quintillion bytes of data are created. Yet, companies struggle with collecting the right type, quality and sufficient data for their applications. 

Our customizable and scalable data collection tool enables non-technical field staff to collect sufficient high-quality application-specific data. 

Our data collection and engineering solution applies expert data science to all steps of the process, helping identify data gaps and biases before production.

Sensor Fusion

The combination of senses in our bodies helps us understand the world around us and react to it. They enable us to identify and resolve risks before they become big issues. But, we cannot be present everywhere at all times. 


The current AI landscape often relies on single-sensory inputs. Our vision is to amalgamate multiple sensors to offer a more precise comprehension of the challenges we aim to address. 

Our vision for a multi-modal sensor system empowers customers to take proactive measures, from device maintenance prediction to disease control in animal farms. Our platform is here to help you expand your senses and automate your insight creation.

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