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Pioneering and pivoting the future of AI for the profound benefit of everything and everyone on the planet.


Driven by my passion for creating a fair world and a legacy that lasts beyond my lifetime and intrigued by the potential of artificial intelligence, I have spent more than half of my professional life researching and understanding AI from both an ethical and a technical perspective.

Inspired by my research findings, I decided to found MACSO. A company that is set to develop the building blocks of ethical and accessible AI while solving problems for our customers. 

When someone looks up MACSO a hundred years from now, I want them to ask what the world would have been like without it

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Saba Samiei


Passions: Artificial intelligence, Ethics, Astrophysics, Business, and Quantum physics

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 Our Team

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Hanxiao Zhang


Passions: Machine learning, Neuroscience, Systems biology, and business

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Hwan Goh


Passions: Machine learning, Applied mathematics, Uncertainty quantification

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Vincent Ruseell

Machine Learning Engineer

Passions: Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics, Physics

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Philippe Rivard


Passions: Biotech, Artificial intelligence, Investment, UX/UI

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John Robson


Passions: Innovation, Investment, Entrepreneurs, Disruptive technology

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Saum Vahdat


Passions: Disruptive innovation, Multi-generational support, Efficiency hacking

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We’re Hiring

Could you be the next one added to this list? Have a look at our careers page for open roles.

Our partners make it possible.

MACSO is proudly supported by Bridgewest Ventures NZ LP. Bridgewest Ventures is part of the Bridgewest Group, a US-based investment company headquartered in San Diego, California.

Bridgewest has a long track record of successfully incubating and launching major global innovation-led companies, and Bridgewest Ventures NZ is the New Zealand-based arm of this global business.

Bridgewest’s deep technology experience is wide-ranging and includes UAV technology, IoT and semiconductor, AI and software development, as well as drug discovery and deep research into health technology. Bridgewest Ventures leverage their extensive connections, international reach, and commercialisation experience to transform innovative opportunities into world-class companies.

MACSO is proudly supported by ENDURA TECHNOLOGIES. An R&D service company providing development services of state of the art, disruptive solutions in power management, artificial intelligence, and audio applications. 

Endura's technology capabilities provide customers with the ability to build an ecosystem of smart, low power, and high-performance products.

MACSO's partnership with Endura Technologies enables us to unlock the potential of our software using state of the art hardware.

MACSO is a proud Microsoft partner. With this partnership, we aim to create a global and scalable infrastructure that can help us serve our customers anywhere in the world. 


Callaghan Innovation is New Zealand’s innovation agency. It activates innovation and helps businesses grow faster for a better New Zealand.

The government agency partners with ambitious businesses of all sizes and delivers a range of innovation and research and development (R&D) services to suit each stage of business growth. Its staff – including more than 200 of New Zealand’s leading scientists and engineers – empower innovators by connecting people, opportunities, and networks and providing tailored technical solutions, skills and capability development programmes, and grants co-funding.

We are proud to be part of Callaghan Innovation’s Technology Incubator Programme and be accepted with funding into Bridgewest Venture’s programme.

MACSO is proudly supported by CHAOYANG TECHNOLOGIES. A fabless semiconductor company providing disruptive Analog and AI solutions for IoT, mobile, and computing.

Chaoyang’s proprietary low power and small size Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation combined with its innovative Analog Front-End (AFE) offers solutions for intelligent IoT, smart Audio, and other applications with best-in-class SNR and AOP

MACSO's partnership with Chaoyang Technologies allows us scale our vision globally. 


MACSO is a proud AWS partner. With this partnership, we aim to create a global and scalable infrastructure that can help us serve our customers anywhere in the world. 

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